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Fontasy is a free font archive featuring 1089 fonts for free download, for PC and Mac. Here you can start your visit by browsing through the archive by categories, or alphabetically beginning with A, or by showing a random font. You have feedback or discovered an error? Any questions? Send an e-mail to support [at] or sign my guestbook.

Okay, but please show me how to use this site first.

The latest font download: Fantasque Sans, added on 2014-09-30.

Fantasque Sans by Jany BelluzUmlauteEuroGreek

In: Fonts by style(s): Sans-serif, Monospaced, Fonts starting with F.

Legal situation?

Almost all the fonts are freeware, but they still are the property of the respective authors. A commercial use should – if possible – always be discussed with the typographer who designed the font. The links to their homepages can be found directly above the font downloads, if known.

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