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Thanks for your interest in adding a link to on your homepage. Here, you can find a short description of the site and some buttons, just in case... Feel free to download the buttons and use them on your own server.

If you're the webmaster of a fonts related website yourself, send me a message, i'm also interested in link exchanges of course., with it's over 1,000 hand picked free fonts is one of the largest archives for free typography in Europe. The fonts are arranged by categories, alphabetically and by their designers. Simply click on one of the preview pages to download a font. The .ttf files work in Windows as well as Mac OS X.

Of course, you may ignore or alter the description to what you think is appropriate ; )

1105 free fonts @
Button, 88x31, gif, 3K. (1.6.1999)
1105 free fonts @
Button, 31x88, gif, 3K. (1.6.1999)

Logo, svg, 5K. (10.10.2014)

Logo, 440x15, jpg, 8K. (18.07.2007)