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Guess fonts

From the Free Fonts menu you can now select Guess. Choose from four possibilities which font is displayed in the dummy text below. Check it out!


Navigate using the Keyboard

Thanks to the help of a little Javascript library called the Mousetrap, you are now able to navigate between fonts, font categories, font designers and alphabet pages simply by hitting the and keys on your keyboard.


Relaunch of the Site

Today, I launched a new version of the site. Cleaner. Clearly arranged. Responsive, thanks to Bootstrap. With a mighty search bar. With more elegant navigation. Featuring Font Awesome. Utilizing the Google Fonts API. Please go ahead, enjoy exploring, and give me some feedback and suggestions :)



Considerably widened the viewport to almost 900px. Additionally, I've removed rounded corners... it would also be time for a little bit of responsive design!


Rating widget

I implemented a little font-rating widget. Fonts can now be rated with just one mouse click. Also, the rating stars (and even half stars) are now elegantly displayed using CSS and Font Awesome.


Goodbye, guestbook

I decided to deactivate this relic from the early days of the www as it was used almost exclusively to post links to sites trying to sell viagra and the like.
Fortunately, there is still the possibility to comment on fonts directly.


page title syntax

Changed from "Site - Free Fonts - Title" to the better readable format "Title - Free Fonts - Site".


Alphabetical font pages

Pages A2, A3 and the like can now again be opened via a2.php, a3.php and so on, instead of using a.php?seite=2...


Some site optimizings

• The box layout is now created by div boxes to save some loading time. • Different-colored stylesheets are generated automatically with PHP and country code.
• Font ratings are now immediately displayed after rating.


Comment on fonts

Reactivated and now protected by a little mathematical captcha written in Sansation by Bernd Montag.


Spam in font comments

Today, I had to deactivate font commenting because of a spammer who started posting tons of copied blog entries from the www.


style categories with icon

All style categories have been equipped with an example preview pic so you can find the more easily in the Fontcloud.



The current rating of each font is now displayed below the rating form.


Fontasy logo typo

The Gilligans Island font used in the Fontasy logo, author unknown, has reapperard and is now called AR Christy. The copyright note states: (c) Copyright 2005, Arphic Technology Co., Ltd. Copyright, (c) 1997 enStep Incorporated.

– there is a certain similarity, while the lower a has changed:

ar christy / Gilligans Island


RSS feed for new fonts

New fonts can now be subscribed to as RSS Feed RSS Feed.


Rate fonts

Added a new function for rating the fonts with 1-5 stars. I will use this later to sort fonts by their popularity in the top fonts list and also the rating will be displayed on the fonts presentation pages.


Fontasy in French

Fontasy.de is now finally available in a french version. Please let me know if you find any mistakes – as I'm sure there are some.



Removed the Roughedge font by Robert Howell from the archive for copyright reasons. It can still be foundhere.


@font-face explanation

added a help popup to the font testdrives that explains CSS @font-face embedding.


Comment on fonts

Added a function for commenting on fonts.


Download pages

Created single download pages with more details on each font. There is also CSS @font-face test drive for some of the most recently uploaded fonts.



Updated design and content of the FAQ.



The 'software' page with tools for creating, editing and managing fonts is now finally available in English language.



Added the Facebook "like"
Button to the title bar.


Improved navigation

The alphabetical pages now have an additional link on the bottom, leading to the fonts starting with the next letter in the alphabet.


Font on the main page

The index page now show the most recent font addition.


Categorizing the Fonts by Style

Finished categorizing the fonts by styles. Almost all of the typefaces can now be found in one or more of the new categories.


Font starting with "P"

Harmonized the previews for 'P' to be used on white background and to suit listing on author and style pages.


Score linked sites

Added a feature for simple positive scoring of Links. To rate, give a star by clicking on Gefällt mir next to the description. The links are ordered descendingly by the number of stars given.


Blog / News

Implemented PHP/mySQL for this news blog. This makes it easier for me to manage German and English language news.


Fonts by style

Thanks to a new tagging mechanism, the fonts can now also be showed sorted by style. Some work still has to be done categorizing all the fonts, but it already works quite well. Set the site version to 2.5.



Improved internal search engine so that hits from Myfonts.com will be displayed in case nothing could be found on Fontasy.


Popular search queries

Added a cloud for popular search queries. The search terms are counted and the collected data is displayed as a tag cloud on the search page. The cloud also contains the number of times a search has been performed and the number of results it yields.


Search bar & OS-dependent help

Added Google search bar on the main page. Modernised the help page. It now automatically detects the visitor's OS and shows the best available information for this OS.


Improved database structure

Improved the database. The queries now use a LEFT JOIN of the designer table on the font table, following the original 2008 database concept. This led to some errors on font subpages today.


Dynamic change between languages

Set up a dynamic language switch between German and English . The language can now be changed without leaving the current page - in case you find a navigation error: drop me a line.


Link exchange page

Updated the link exchange page. It now features the logo and is also available in an English language version.


Links 2.0

Remade the links section. It is now generated from the database, making addition of links more easy. Moreover, all the links now have English descriptions, too.


Spam in the guestbook

Removed "Homepage" from both the entry form and the display script of the guestbook, as this field was used too much by commercial sites to improve their search engine ranking by placing their link.


Designer cloud

Using a tricky mySQL query joining the font table with the designer table to generate a tag cloud for the authors of the fonts showed on Fontasy. You can find it here.


Number of fonts per initial letter

Improved the script for alphabetic font display so that the pages all display the total number of fonts beginning with the respective letter.


Date with CSS

New CSS-style for showing the dates in the news archive. For experimental reasons also applied it on some of the last entries.


Peter Wiegel

Finally added some of Peter Wiegels latest work to the archive. These new fonts can be found here. Many thanks to the designer Peter Wiegel who always offers his high quality fonts for free. Many even contain ligatures or even a Greek and / or Cyrillic character set!


Cyrillic and Greek

Following an advice from Peter Wiegel from more than two years ago I added two columns to the database and prepared the font viewing script to mark fonts that contain a Greek and / or Cyrillic character set. The database entries still have to be made, except for the Maass Slicer, where it's already done



About a week ago, xero of fontvir:us invited me to add some of his fonts to the archive. I accepted it and also fixed some tiny database problems.


English version Fontasy.org

My christmas present: a 'slim' English language version of Fontasy.de, Fontasy.org, is back online. As my mother tongue is German, please correct me as you find my mistakes.

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